Goodbye Docs: Hello Slack Canvas

Slack has announced the release of a new feature, Slack Canvas, which enables teams to create, organize, and share information within Slack, the ultimate productivity platform. Slack Canvas offers an innovative and evergreen platform to manage and share knowledge, streamlining processes, and increasing productivity.

Capture and Curate Knowledge for Anything and Everything

The integration of Slack Canvas into the platform now provides a space for evergreen content creation and management within Slack. You can now create an all-inclusive place for organizing and sharing any type of information, saving you time and effort while increasing productivity. Slack Canvas offers a way for teams to store all their essential information, including files, text, apps, and rich media, in a single view, making it easier to track and manage knowledge. Additionally, canvases are searchable, enabling knowledge management across the entire organization.

Organize and Streamline Team Processes

Slack Canvas offers a streamlined approach to centralizing information and driving alignment across teams. It’s a great place to track action items, log meeting notes, share relevant links and resources, create an overview for the channel with FAQs, list out key stakeholders in the conversation, and their responsibilities.

Make the Most of Your Team’s Collective Knowledge

Slack’s productivity platform is centered on collaboration, and canvas is no different. Slack Canvas offers native collaborative features built-in, allowing teams to update and edit their knowledge base in real-time. When it’s time to collaborate, teams can bring a canvas right into a huddle, allowing people to discuss and make edits together in real-time. Teams can easily collaborate on their own time as well, with commenting, reacting, and revision history built right into canvas.

Drive Effective Marketing Campaigns with External Partners

Marketing teams can use Slack Canvas to create a canvas for a new product launch with its agency partner. Teams can create one source of truth by pairing a canvas to a Slack Connect project channel, tracking all content, files, and data across internal teams and agency partners.

Streamline Sales Operations to Maximize Team Effectiveness

Sales teams can spin up a customer account channel equipped with an accompanying canvas that the entire account team can use to stay aligned. This could include links to important files and other canvases, such as account plans and executive briefing notes. Canvas can even incorporate opportunity data and usage and spend data from Salesforce Sales Cloud, keeping everyone up to speed, so reps can focus on closing deals faster.

Slack Canvas Is Coming to You

Slack Canvas is a straightforward tool for colleagues to collaborate, create, collect, and propagate information to the people who need to know it. If you would like to learn more about Slack Canvas and how it can benefit your organization, please reach out to us at Connectify Solutions.

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